Domain name arbitration

"Hong Kong" Domain Name Dispute and Domain Name Arbitration is another Cost-Effective Solution, for example, applies for a "Hong Kong Domain Name" registrant who applies for domain name ".HK" or is subject to the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy "constraints. In each agreement to use and register a Hong Kong domain name, it also sets out the importance of the Dispute Resolution Policy and requires registrants to accept compulsory arbitration proceedings. That is, anyone who wants to register any Hong Kong domain name must first agree to abide by the Dispute Resolution Policy and accept the potential dispute resolution in the Hong Kong domain name through a coercive arbitration procedure. At present, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center is the only accredited service agency in Hong Kong to provide the public with a process of domain name compulsory arbitration to resolve disputes over domain names.

Complaint Grounds

Under the Dispute Resolution Policy, if the complainant files a complaint about the registration of a Hong Kong domain name based on the following justifications, the registrant of the Hong Kong domain name must accept the compulsory arbitration proceedings:

*The registrant's domain name in Hong Kong is either identical with or likely to cause confusion as the complainant's trademark or service mark in Hong Kong

*The registrant has no right to use the domain name of Hong Kong or should not have the relevant legal interests

*The registrant's in Hong Kong domain name is registered and maliciously used.