Trademark Registration for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the field of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent systems that capable of performing tasks typically require human intelligence. AI technologies have found their application in almost every business sector improving enterprise performance and productivity by automating processes or tasks such as data entry, customer services, processing large amount of data, etc.

The function and popularity of AI are soaring by the day. For companies developing AI related products and software, it is imperative to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights for your business names and/or new technologies.

The first step towards protecting your business’s IP rights is to register your business name as trademarks.

Which Trademark classes are suitable for my products/services?

Depending on the products and/or services you are offering, there are several classes you can register your business under:

Class 9:

This class is commonly applicable for products related to scientific field or research and have been extended to include humanoid robots having communication and learning functions. Downloadable computer software, application or platforms are also included.

Class 42:

This class covers scientific and technological services and research including artificial intelligence consultancy and technology research, research and development of new products, software services and development etc.

Other classes that can be considered:

Class 35:   Data processing services, data search in computer, updating and maintenance of data in computer databases etc.

Class 36:   Financial, monetary, and banking services including financial research, insurance consultancy, providing financial information etc. Data processing services, data search in computer, updating and maintenance of data in computer databases etc.

Class 38:   Telecommunications services including providing internet chatrooms, online forums etc.

Class 41:   online communities such as online virtual guided tours.

Other IP protections that can be considered:


Patents protect new and innovative inventions, such as products, substances or processes including computer implemented inventions. The details of the invention must be disclosed. The inventor or the owner of an invention is entitled to apply for a patent for the new creation.


Copyright is the right given to the owner of an original work and can be applied by the owner of a computer software. Unlike patent, copyright applications do not require the work to an aesthetic value or to be inventive.

Trade Secret

Trade secrets are IP rights for undisclosed commercial information which are confidential and have commercial value. There is no registration for trade secrets, and they are more commonly protected in the form of a contract.

You are invited to consult our team to protect your IP rights under these categories.




Some of the leading AI companies and their Trademark registrations for your reference:





USPTO 6436530
HKIPD 305430195

9, 16, 35,
36, 37,
38, 41,

Registered in
over 5

USPTO 87786172
HKIPD 304431401

9, 25, 35,
36, 38,
42, 45

Registered in
over 5

EUIPO 018674416

9, 42

Registered in
over 5

USPTO 6919967
EUIPO 018674416


Registered in
US, EU, Japan
and Israel


How much is the cost for filling IP application in Hong Kong or China:


US: USD 870 (first class), USD 600 (subsequent class)

Hong Kong: USD 340 (first class), USD 200 (subsequent class)


US: USD 2,090 per class

China: USD 600 (first class), USD 270 (subsequent class)


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