Applications filed through Madrid Protocol utilize a different filing approach from our online fee schedule, or what we call, Direct-filing. Another name for applications with the Protocol is International Application / Registration (IA / IR).

Please provide our consultants below details for our quotation

1.The mark image in JPEG format. Specify whether color is included in the mark (except black and white).

2.Business scope.

3.Jurisdiction(s). You will start to enjoy cheaper filing fees when you have more than 5 – 10 jurisdictions.

4.Applicant entity. Whether the applicant is a living individual or a company.

5.Applicant domicile. For a living individual, please provide the nationality. For a company, please provide the place of incorporation.

6.Home application requirement. Inform us whether an application / registration has been secured with the mark to be applied with the Protocol. If not, you must file an application in the applicant’s home territory beforehand.


1.For smooth applications, the more jurisdictions and Classes are involved, the more cost savings can be achieved in filing and renewal fees in general.

2.For certain jurisdictions that require Power of Attorney to be notarized and / or legalized to be accompanied with the application, this requirement does not apply at the time of filing for International Applications.

3.Not all jurisdictions are members of the Protocol. In 2018, having a total of 101 members for that seems to be covering the whole world. However, some jurisdictions with keen or increasing interest for filing are not included, for example: Hong Kong (ongoing discussion), Brazil and dozen countries in the Middle East.

4.The requirement of “home” application exists. The home application / registration binds the application details and protection scope of all subsequent designations. Besides, if the home application / registration, for whatever reasons, ceases to have validity for the first five years from the IR Registration date, ALL other designation’s application / registration will cease to have effect as well. Opponents filing an attack targeting home registration is called a “central attack”.

-For more information, eligibility and quotation of Madrid Protocol, please send the requested information on the left to info@accolade.sg