What is domain

A domain name is an internet address. A domain name allows people to identify and to find your internet site. Strictly speaking a domain name is not an IP, in the sense that there is no law that confers on a domain name the status of being “property” capable of being owned.

Domain Classification

A domain name has a number of components.
For example, this domain name:

Benefits of registration

Domain names are very important and have such an intimate connection with branding strategies generally and trademarks in particular, that it is common to consider domain names in the context of intellectual property rights.
As part of its branding strategy, a business will often seek to have domain names that are identical to or abbreviations of :

  • its trade mark
  • its company name, or
  • its business name.
  • This will make it easier for the business’ customers to remember as well as find the business website.

    Domain has the following components:

    1."www" indicates it is a worldwide web address;
    2."address" is the domain name that you register;
    3."com" indicates the category of domain name you have registered, and is called a top level domain name;
    4."cn" indicates the country of origin (also known as a country code top-level domain),namely Mainland China in this example.

    Other top level domain names include:

    • "biz"  indicates a business
    • 'edu"  indicates an educational institution
    • "gov"  indicates a government department
    • "org"  indicates a non-profit organisation


    In Hong Kong it is not unusual for a domain name to be registered without any top level domain name. In that case, the domain name could be registered as:


    It is not necessary for every domain name to indicate the country of origin. Domain names that originate in the United States do not have a country of origin component in the domain name.

    The following domain name for example does not show a country of origin:


    Anyone can register a domain name without a country of origin, not just applicants in the United States.


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