ACCOLADE 卓遠 won the Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards

Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards


“Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards”(the Award) aims to give recognition to outstanding service brands established by Hong Kong companies, to encourage local enterprises to strive for excellence, to promote Hong Kong services, and to enhance the profile of Hong Kong industries both locally and internationally.

Hong Kong Top Brand Mark (Top Mark)

The Hong Kong Top Brand Mark (“Top Mark”) is the distinctive visual symbol of Hong Kong Top Brand Awards (formerly Hong Kong Top Ten Brandnames Awards), Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards, and Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme.

Winners of“Hong Kong Top Brand”,“Hong Kong Premier Brand”,“Hong Kong Top Service Brand”and“Hong Kong Premier Service Brand”could apply for Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme by product/service categories and will, if meeting the assessment requirements, be conferred a licence to use the“Top Mark”for business promotion in relation to the brand, the winning company or certified product/service categories.

Organisations authorised to use the Mark shall ensure that it is used in compliance with the regulation and requirements laid down in the “Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Regulations” and “Terms and Conditions” of the Awards, and it shall endeavour to ensure Top Mark is used according to“Identity Guide for Hong Kong Top Brand Mark”.

The“Top Mark”is designed under the supervision of Mr Kan Tai Keung. The Mark is mainly a combination of a seal and a“TOP”, signifying authority, credential and prominence; the letter“T”and“O”are tangential to make up a letter“b”, which together imply“Top Brand”. The Ordinary Mark is in primary blue and red, while the Premier Mark is gold in colour to signify prestige and superiority.

Judging Result

2022 Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards List of Shortlisted Brand (in alphabetical order)

2022 Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards List of Shortlisted Brand (in alphabetical order)


Anglo Chinese Florist


Beauty Forever Salon Center

Clarity Medical Group

C-MER Eye Center


Ensec Solutions



Hong Kong School of Motoring




Pet Holidays

Towel King


保護知識產權  卓遠助商家融入大灣區創新發展

卓遠 ACCOLADE 榮獲 香港回歸25周年企業貢獻大獎

保護知識產權  卓遠助商家融入大灣區創新發展


Zhuo Yuan was established in 2009 and is a leading intellectual property service agency company in Hong Kong.The company provides global trademark, design, patent, copyright registration and other services, and has been ranked first in the number of trademark registrations in Hong Kong in the past four years.

In recent years, more entrepreneurs have paid attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, thanks to the government’s policies and publicity to promote the protection of intellectual property rights. The Intellectual Property Business Forum organized by the Government every year has achieved outstanding results. The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department has launched many advertisements on social media and television to raise public attention. Hong Kong is developing an innovative economy and encouraging young people to start businesses. They are rich in creativity and involve the latest technology. To be protected from plagiarism and protect the company’s intellectual property rights, they can choose to register a trademark or apply for a patent for the technology.



However, patent applications need to be made in major regions of the world, and Zhuo Yuan’s biggest feature is to provide regional protection. After all, major judicial districts have their own intellectual property laws, and Zhuo Yuan has extensive practical experience. The company’s professional intellectual property consultant team has obtained intellectual property protection in more than 150 judicial districts for more than 20,000 customers. Customers come from a wide range of sources, including individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even Hong Kong’s top 500 companies, well-known domestic companies and listed companies, through Zhuo Yuan to apply for trademarks, designs, patents and other services. Zhuo Yuan has direct offices in Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, Macau and Manila, with more than 90 team members.

The procedure for applying for intellectual property rights in Hong Kong is simple, but when it involves overseas applications, it is more complicated, because companies handling related business need to have local qualifications in order to submit the registration of intellectual property rights. In terms of acting for patent applications, the relevant companies must have the qualifications of patentees in order to file patent protection applications for customers. Hong Kong has introduced a system of original grant of patents since 2019,and can review patent protection on its own.


Hong Kong is the most open and international city in the Greater Bay Area and an international financial and trade center. Hong Kong’s professional services are well-known all over the world, and coupled with the advantages of one country, two systems, it can play a super important role in the construction of the Greater Bay Area. Zhuo Yuan is also playing this role. Many Hong Kong customers have asked Zhuo Yuan to assist in applying for domestic trademarks and promoting their own brands in the domestic market. Domestic companies have also applied for overseas intellectual property registration through Zhuo Yuan, especially in regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative, so that Zhuo Yuan has a wealth of overseas work experience.

Hong Kong IP E-filing (Update)

We successfully occupied the TOP FIVE  till now based on the volume.

按知識產權署的指定資訊系統由2018年1月1日至2018年11月30日所錄得的電子提交量,提交表格T2、 P4、 P6及 D1(已提交但即時撤回的電子申請則不在計算之內)並繳付訂明申請費用的最高電子提交量用戶的排名如下:

排名 機構 ╱ 公司
1. 中港知識產權有限公司
2. 中國專利代理(香港)有限公司
3. 的近律師行
4. 高露雲律師行
5. 卓遠知識產權有限公司
6. 麥仕奇
7. 香港集佳知識産權代理有限公司
8. 貝克 ‧ 麥堅時律師事務所
9. 誠通專利商標(香港)有限公司
10. 標準香港企業註冊服務有限公司
11. 匯誠國際顧問有限公司
12. 香港知識產權代理有限公司
13. Spruson & Ferguson (Hong Kong) Limited
14. 百睿知識產權有限公司
15. 永新專利商標代理有限公司
16. 孖士打律師行
17. 香港柳沈知識產權服務公司
18. 三友國際知識產權代理(香港)有限公司
19. 陳鄧郭律師行
20 陳韻雲律師行